#SlowDown Day event in Malaysia celebrated with hundreds of NGOs

#SlowDown Day event in Malaysia celebrated with hundreds of NGOs

As part of the Fifth Global Meeting of the Global Alliance of NGOs for RoaD Safety, a kickoff event took place themed around Fourth UN Global Road Safety Week in May. A speed bump was repainted by school children in the community of Selangor on 4 April as a symbol of the Week’s 2017 theme of speed prevention: #SlowDown.

On the 2nd April 2017, NGOs from over 70 countries gathered at a school in Dengkil in Selangor, Malaysia to celebrate a global #SlowDown Day. The event, organized in partnership with the Malaysian Institute of Road Safety (MIROS) included a number of events to promote the #SlowDown campaign through a number of creative and practical activities.

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Delegates promote the #SlowDown events. (© Ali Zayerzadeh)

As part of the symbolic #SlowDown, NGO workers from all across the world alongside school children in Dengkil repainted a speed bump. 

painting bump 1
Delegates repainting a speed bump in Malaysia. (© Richard Ahlstrom)

Also at the event, a Poster contest (poster done by the students related to speeding) were showcased and an award was given to the best 3 posters.

sign wall 1
Executive Director of the Global Alliance of NGOs for Road Safety, Lotte Brodum signs the #SlowDown signwall. (© Richard Ahlstrom)

As part of an awarness raising activity, a check point for motorcycles helmets was set up and correct standardized helmets were given to those who passed through the check point.

children school

Children welcome and open the #SlowDown event. (© Richard Ahlstrom)

Delegates also visited speed cameras and the Malaysia Putra University to hear about Malaysia's latest efforts in hazard perception and road rules. At both events, #SlowDown signing walls were present and delegates partook in photos taking with the #SlowDown signboards. Delegates also took part in wall painting, drumming and music at the event.

helmet given

Helmet given to motorcycle riders at the event. (© Richard Ahlstrom)

Main speakers on the day were Professor Wong – Director General of MIROS, Marc Shotten, GRSF/WB and Tami Toyoyan, WHO and the principal of the school.

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