Get Involved! #SpeakUp for #RoadSafety with a speech bubble signboard

Get Involved! #SpeakUp for #RoadSafety with a speech bubble signboard

Have you assessed the risks your face on your journey? Already know what you demand for road safety? Then #SpeakUp with our new speech bubble signboards. The speech bubble shows what you are speaking up for in a fun and creative way. Take part and share your pictures online with the hashtags: #SpeakUp for #RoadSafety.

Once you have assessed your journey and selected your risk, we invite you to take note of your demands.

To make your journey safe, would you like cars to slow down on a particular street? Would you need a zebra crossing, dedicated cycle lane or seat-belts to be installed in the rear seat of your car? Speak up, and let us know. 

I demand:

001 speed limit     That you manage speed on my road 002 leader of a group with an empty speech bubble     That you take leadership in road safety
003 road with broken line     That you improve existing infrastructure 013 front of bus     That you improve public transportation
001 front car     That you improve the safety of vehicles 006 weight balance     That you improve and enforce traffic laws
007 ambulance     That you improve post-crash care  


Take a picture with a speech bubble signboard. See how people have taken pictures already:

square speechbubble signboards


#SpeakUp - take a Speech Bubble #Safie!

Download a signboard cut it out and make a handle

  1. Write down your demand(s)

  2. Take a #Safie (at the location where you face the risk

  3. Share it on social media with #SpeakUp and #Safie


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