Activity Feature: Action and Safe Crossings in Lagos, Nigeria

Activity Feature: Action and Safe Crossings in Lagos, Nigeria

In Lagos, Nigeria, TOG developed a campaign known as #SafeCrossCampaign in partnership with Federal Road Safety Corp Lagos State Command as their #SlowDown event to create awareness on the use and observance of Pedestrian lanes in Nigeria otherwise known as zebra crossing.

The team offered the following report on the events undetaken for the #SlowDown events and the 4th UN Global Road Safety Week.

The #SafeCrossCampaign is a #Slowdown event in Lagos-Nigeria that commemorated the 4th United Nations Global Road Safety Week 2017 on the 8th -13th of May 2017.

The campaign was intended to imprint the relevance of zebra crossing as a speed reduction furniture on the roads, the need to reduce road accidents thereby promoting the Global Goals for Sustainable Development particularly Goal 3 and 11.

To this effect we extended partnership to AGE Ltd for the execution of this campaign. We engaged in research of the parties involved in road traffic injuries and road users who do not understand the symbolism of pedestrian lanes.


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Celebrity Endorsements in Nigeria.

Our research showed that people especially Lagos residents are yet to understand the rules regarding zebra crossing and Children are the ones who are most vulnerable to this menace. As a matter of fact a lot of the road users are ignorant of the safety furniture. This information gave us a sense of direction and helped with the decision as to the frontline message of our publicity campaign thus; #SlowDown, Stop Observe zebra crossing.

This message aligned with the Global message of the United Nations Road Safety Week which is #SlowDown. Also, after interacting with the potential target audience, we gathered that grass root members of the society were mostly responsible for this non-observance of zebra lanes.


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Endorsement from the Commander of the Federal Road Safety Corps


In addition, we deduced that converting the Lagos community members into stakeholders in this campaign would enable us achieve the goal of reducing accidents and promote safe route to school for children. We started with social media drive with the hash tag #safecrosscampaign on Instagram and twitter.


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We had loads of activities for the week which helped us to pass the campaign message amongst which is the official flag off of the campaign by the FRSC Sector Commander, Visit to schools, Construction of Pedestrian Lanes and the presentation of the pledged banner to the United Nations through the Director United Nations Information Center (UNIC)

One of the best ways of achieving a change in mind set or behavior is to personalize the problem to your target and involve them in the solution. This ideology informed and guided the development of the concept for our message. Another ideology that influenced our concept was the communal mobilization strategy of the campaign.

We had people who volunteered to be part of this attitudinal change. In order to achieve sustainability, involving members of society in the lasting change is vital and our campaign concept embodied this. Everyone needed to know that their children would have safe route to school if this is enforced, roads would be safe and we can say to a large extent that the specific target in the SDG regarding road safety has been achieved. At the end it was a very successful #Slowdown event.