Vo  Tan Luc

Vo Tan Luc

Doctor, Cho Ray National Hospital

Dr Luc is an emergency medicine doctor at Cho Ray National Hospital, which serves people from the southern region of Viet Nam. Every day at work, Dr Luc witnesses many patients who are hospitalized due to road traffic crashes. As such he knows firsthand the dangers of not wearing a helmet while traveling by motorcycle. As a doctor, his goal is to prevent these tragedies and enhance the welfare of his patients and their communities. With this motivation in mind, and at his initiative, his hospital has partnered with the Asia Injury Prevention (AIP) Foundation’s Helmets for Families programme.

Since 2018 this initiative has inspired and guided more than 1,000 students of Lam Van Ben Primary School in Nha Be District to wear quality helmets correctly. Additionally, Dr Luc has partnered with AIP Foundation to raise his voice for road safety and reach others across the country through various social media campaigns. As a road safety leader, Dr Luc thinks it is essential for doctors to use their professional medical knowledge and experiences working with road traffic crash victims to educate teachers, parents and students about the dangers on the road and about safe road behavior. He is eager to continue rolling out the Helmets for Families programme to other schools in the region and bringing road safety training to parents, teachers, students and others in his hospital and across the communities he serves.