Shane O'Connor

Shane O'Connor

Communication Advisor, FedEx

Shane O’Connor is a well-known and respected figure in the road safety world and a great friend and supporter of the NGOs focused on road safety across the globe. He is widely recognized for his commitment, passion and focused advocacy on behalf of road safety.

Mr O’Connor’s work focuses on FedEx's commitment to road safety, an integral part of its corporate identity. His role spans from the detailed (working with NGOs to design and implement effective road safety programs), to the strategic (facilitating FedEx's support for the UN's Decade of Action for Road Safety). His passion for road safety goes above and beyond his role at FedEx; he is deeply and personally dedicated to road safety and advancing the cause so fewer people are injured or killed.

He has been an integral part of the Alliance Advocate training program of the Global Alliance of NGOs for Road Safety; planning, advising and facilitating with colleagues, even opening his home to the Advocates, as well as the wider Alliance Empowerment Program.

Mr O’Connor also leads FedEx’s involvement in the Safe Kids Walk This Way® pedestrian safety program. He helped take the “Walk This Way” program to its highest-ever level with the launch of an ambitious, multi-pronged and multi-country initiative specifically aimed at improving pedestrian safety in school zones. FedEx provided funding that enabled Safe Kids Worldwide’s network of coalitions and member countries to work with carefully-selected communities to create engaging programs for elementary- and middle-school students. Since the beginning of the program, 17 million children have been educated on pedestrian safety and 32,000 schools have been reached with pedestrian programs.

Mr O’Connor is influential across social media and is listed as one of the top CRS Pros on Twitter. He proves that public-private partnerships can help change the future of road safety.

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