Lorrie Walker

Lorrie Walker

Child Passenger Safety Technical Advisor, Safe Kids Worldwide

Lorrie Walker is a pioneer in the effort to protect our youngest children in and around cars, both in the United States and around the world. This year marks her 32nd year working on road safety. In that time, her energy, passion and influence have only grown, and her impact is felt globally.

Ms Walker was one of the lead architects of the program to instruct and certify child passenger safety technicians. Since laying that foundation in 1997, she has been instrumental in the training of more than 162,000 certified technicians in the U.S. and abroad. Today, there are more than 41,400 certified technicians in the U.S. helping families one-on-one to protect children on the road. Ms Walker has also been an ambassador for exporting the best practices of the U.S. CPS program around the world. She is currently involved in the development and implementation of global child passenger safety certification training opportunities in Latin America and China. Safe Kids certified instructors are now in place, able to train and sustain technicians in China, the UAE, Argentina, Mexico and Qatar using a three-year training platform.

Ms Walker also authored the Safe Kids Worldwide Ultimate Car Seat Guide, an online resource that brings her expertise to anyone who has access to the internet. This simple-to-use, plain-language resource provides life-saving information to a broad spectrum of families. In 2017, it was translated into Spanish. To date, it has been accessed more than one million times. The app offers the user personalized help if needed; Lorrie responds to each question individually, a true servant leader.

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