Li  Wen

Li Wen

Safety Director, Education Department, Chongqiong, China

Li Wen is the Safety Director of the Education Department in the Kaizhou District of Chongqiong, China. In this capacity, he has promoted safe routes to school for children in the district. In collaboration with the Asia Injury Prevention (AIP) Foundation, Mr Li has supported implementation of the Walk Wise pedestrian safety project, in operation since 2012.

As one of only a few international organizations working on road safety in China, AIP Foundation has introduced a holistic road safety curriculum into the country’s formal education sector. Facing a big challenge in this regard, AIP Foundation has been lucky to find a strong partner in Mr Li, who is considered key to the success of Walk Wise project.

Mr Li understands the importance of engaging civil society to achieve development goals and has contributed his energy to the Walk Wise project by delivering road safety education to 81 primary schools and 4 high schools reaching more than 120,000 students. As part of the project, he has also helped develop a road safety handbook for teachers, led walking school buses and advocated for modifications to infrastructure around schools, including the installation of new road signs. His contributions to road safety in the community, and the enthusiasm he brings to these efforts, have improved the attitude of the education department and the local government towards road safety. This in turn has led to a greater investment in improvements to the environments around schools in Kaizhou District, making the routes to school safer for children.

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