Jeanne  Picard Mahaut

Jeanne Picard Mahaut

Founder STOP Accidentes, Spain

Jeanne Picard Mahaut is a brave mother who, after losing her son in a road traffic crash, has transformed her greatest pain into dedicating her life to voluntary activism so that such suffering does not happen to other families. Ms Picard is the Founder of STOP ACCIDENTES in Spain, an organization present in several communities in the country which draws attention to the impact of road traffic deaths on families and communities and the need for better care for those who have been affected.

Ms Picard is also Founder and President of the Ibero-American Federation of Associations of Victims of Road Violence, a non-profit organization created in 2010 that brings together 20 associations from 14 Ibero-American countries. In that capacity she promotes the concept of Traffic Victim Attention Units. These units serve as a means of advocating for justice for road traffic victims,  better medical care and treatment including psychosocial support, and improved crash investigation. Such units have been created in Argentina and Costa Rica, and are in the process of being created in Ecuador and Panamá. Ms Picard has co-authored a number of reference documents aimed at achieving these objectives: Response to Traffic Accidents in Latin America, Comprehensive Care Guide, Training Manual and Protocol of Action. In her work she has coordinated training workshops in Argentina, Costa Rica, Guatemala and Panama for parties interested in road safety and the care of road traffic victims and their families.

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