Glen McCarvell

Glen McCarvell

Senior Operations Officer, Economic Infrastructure Division, Caribbean Development Bank (CDB)

Glen McCarvell is an engineer with 28 years of experience in water and sanitation and road transport projects in Canada, the Caribbean and Africa. Prior to joining the CDB in 2004, he was a Project Director with a major international consulting firm responsible for infrastructure projects in Africa. Currently, he appraises and supervises economic infrastructure projects in Belize. Over the past 10 years, Mr McCarvell has led a CDB initiative promoting a shift towards more sustainable road maintenance practices within the road agencies of its Borrowing Member Countries.

In this regard, he has spearheaded the strengthening of capacities to adopt alternative road maintenance strategies and approaches, and has also sought improvements in asset management, road safety and institutional reform. He has championed the Youth for Road Safety (YOURS) Program in Belize and the wider Caribbean. Mr McCarvell is credited with introducing the concept of road safety using a safe system approach to senior officials from the Government of Belize in 2010. Since then the partnership that ensued led to the birth of Belize’s first Road Safety Project (RSP), which uses as a basis the International Road Assessment Program’s (iRAP’s) Road Safety Assessment and Road Safety Management Capacity Review, both completed in 2012.

The RSP has effectively demonstrated the benefits to all road safety partners of using safe system interventions, which have been put in place on the corridor between Belize City and Belmopan (50 miles), including Belmopan Ring Road. With the continued support of Mr McCarvell, the Government of Belize and the CDB continue to drive efforts towards maintaining sound road safety standards that contribute to a positive change in road safety culture in the country and ultimately save lives. In addition to infrastructure development, the RSP also includes components on education and awareness campaigns, law enforcement and emergency services, and facilitates capacity building around all of these. As a tribute to Mr McCarvell’s leadership, the RSP has served as a catalyst for the Government of Belize’s decision to include best practice road safety features in future road infrastructure projects, in line with the safe system approach and with a view to “Vision Zero”.

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