Florence  Poussin

Florence Poussin

Chief, Policy Planning and Coordination Unit, UN Department of Safety and Security

Florence Poussin was the driving force behind the Road safety strategy for the United Nations and its personnel: a partnership for safer journeys, released on 28 February 2019 in New York and Geneva. Developed based on a recommendation of the UN’s Inter-Agency Security Management Network issued in June 2015, the strategy outlines 12 key actions to be taken by all UN agencies related to five pillars of activity: road safety management, safer vehicles, safer road users, post-crash response and safer driving environment.

During its elaboration, Ms Poussin played a key role in leading an inter-agency working group on the strategy as well as coordinating input from the road safety focal points across all UN agencies. With the support of staff from her department, she ensured that decisions taken by the working group were executed; the strategy was reviewed, finalized and launched; and an operational plan for its implementation was prepared well in advance of its release. She also issued a quarterly newsletter to update regularly on progress.

While she demonstrated effective leadership throughout the process, she must be especially commended for securing the endorsement of the UN’s senior leadership of this process. This was exemplified by the presence at the launches of five heads and one deputy head of agencies, four under-secretary generals and the UN Secretary-General’s Special Envoy for Road Safety. It is largely due to the behind-the-scenes and tireless efforts of Ms Poussin that this new strategy - aimed at preventing road traffic deaths and injuries among UN personnel and people in the communities they serve - is poised for success. By implementing this strategy, the UN aims to lead by example.

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