Emma MacLennan

Emma MacLennan

Director, Eastern Alliance for Safe and Sustainable Transport (EASST)

Ms MacLennan established EASST in 2009 as a regional partnership of local road safety NGOs in Eastern Europe, the South Caucasus and Central Asia. She now leads its work across 14 countries to make road travel safer, greener and more sustainable for future generations through facilitating numerous projects on road safety and sustainable transport. In 2014, she was a founding member of FIRE AID and International Development, an umbrella organization of fire and rescue services carrying out humanitarian projects in low- and middle-income countries, with a particular focus on improving post-crash response.

Ms MacLennan and EASST work to build local road safety capacity through sharing know-how and resources across borders to make its partners’ efforts to improve road safety more effective. This enables countries facing similar challenges to learn from each other on how to reduce road traffic casualties and overcome common obstacles. Under Ms MacLennan’s strong leadership and hard work, EASST has become a powerful regional force for road safety and has seen unprecedented progress and achievements at local, national, and regional levels, using evidence-based approaches to make a tangible difference.

Through her mentorship and guidance, many EASST partners have gained international recognition for their achievements, winning no fewer than six Prince Michael International Road Safety Awards. In 2019, EASST won the FedEx Road Safety Award, which referenced in particular its work on reducing public transport crashes with the Automobile Club of Moldova and increasing seat-belt use with the Young Generation of Tajikistan. Ms MacLennan also uses her experience and vision as the Alumni Organizer of the Delft University/FIA Foundation Global Road Safety Programme and sits as a member of their Steering Group, having run the FIA Foundation Road Safety Scholarships from 2009-2014. Ms MacLennan is also a Trustee of Make Roads Safe Hellas and a member of the Global Fleet Champions Standards Committee.

Ms MacLennan is also the Deputy Chair, FIRE AID and International Development

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