Atty. Oliver Sy Tanseco

Atty. Oliver Sy Tanseco

Police Superintendent, Philippines

Police Superintendent Tanseco, who is a lawyer by training, currently serves as the Chief of the Operations Management Division of the Philippine National Police-Highway Patrol Group (PNP-HPG). He has extensive knowledge and experience in the field of road safety, including road safety laws and law enforcement and road traffic crash investigation.

He has been a sought-after resource person for road safety in many transportation-related fora and media campaign activities in the Philippines. Among his major achievements in national road safety include contributing to various road safety legislation, including the Motorcycle Helmet Law and the Anti- Drunk and Drugged Driving Law; engaging with the media around these laws and other risks like speeding and failing to use seat-belts; and boosting the capacity of traffic management in the Philippines. Mr Tanseco is also known for his work on road traffic data management, an expertise he further developed when awarded the Global Road Safety Leadership Fellowship from Johns Hopkins University in the US.

In this regard, he takes every opportunity to highlight the discrepancies in the country between reported and estimated road traffic fatalities, highlighting the need to improve the road traffic reporting system in the country. In his spare time, Mr Tanseco takes every opportunity to speak up for road safety, conducting road safety seminars for various audiences. For example, he was featured on the programme of the Social Good Summit in 2017 where he spoke about how to achieve safer roads in the Philippines. As a road safety leader, he advocates that road safety is a human rights issue, and encourages his fellow citizens to assert their rights to safety on the roads.