Who spoke up?

Cassiano Ferreira Novo

I am a Pedestrian


Mobilidade Segura Education and Technologies

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The biggest risk on my journey is:

It is unsafe to walk

Why is this my priority?

The are many risks for the people with reduce mobility when they are corssing the Curitiba´s streets.

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I demand:

That you manage speed on my road.

That you improve existing infrastructure.

That you improve and enforce traffic laws.

Why are these my demands?

âI demand more respect in the traffic for reduce mobility people!.â Ester Maria Biscaia âI demand more traffic light for pedestrians and more respect by drivers to pedestrian crossing sign.â Gregory Warner Rocha

People supporting my demands


My demands are for decision-maker:

Gustavo Fruet


National Congress

Decision-maker response

Pledge Received: Yes

Gustavo Fruet is going to introduce this theme to creat new laws at all Brazil about safety crossing for people with reduce mobility.

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