Who spoke up?

Sotiris Giannopoulos

I am a Pedestrian


My Grand Road

The biggest risk on my journey is:

Drivers are speeding

Why is this my priority?

The action will be implemented in an open space of the Municipality of Aspropyrgos and will include pupils of the Municipal Centers of Creative Employment aged 4-12. So we put the pedestrian but also the conditions to protect the pedestrian in the urban environment of the city of Aspropyrgos. The cooperation with the Aspurgourg Municipality Welfare Corporation and the Chairman of the Board of Directors Sofia Mavridis urges us to implement actions and #SpeekUp for #Roadsafety

I demand:

That you take leadership in road safety.

Why are these my demands?

The reduction in speed limits in the pole from 50 km / h to 30 km / h

People supporting my demands

1 000

My demands are for decision-maker:

Sofia Mavridis

Chairman of the Public Benefit Corporation of the Aspropyrgos Forest

Municipality of Aspropyrgos

Decision-maker response

Pledge Received: No