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To help you gather all the information you need to fill in this form use the Get Involved Toolkit:

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Who spoke up?

Where is the risk on your journey?

Move the red pin marker on the map to select a precise location.

What type of risk are you facing?

We understand you might face multiple risks on your journey. Please select the most important risk that needs addressing:

What does your risk look like?

Once you have assessed your risk, take a picture of the situation, and upload it here.

What is your demand?

We have made a list of demands below based largely on the WHO SaveLIVES: a road safety technical package from which you can choose: *

How many people support your demand?

After you have stated your demands, you might have started mobilizing and inviting others to join you. Perhaps you created a petition and collected signatures, set up a talking booth on your street or take #safies. How many people are supporting your demand(s)?

Who is your demand for?

So you have assessed your journey and recorded your demands. That’s great! However, this will only matter if you bring these to the attention of the relevant decision-maker in your country or community (those in a position to take decisions about making roads safe).

Who is the relevant decision-maker to make your daily journey safe?

Decision-maker response

You might had/have the chance to hand-over your photos, videos and petition with as many signatures as possible to relevant decision-maker. Did you obtain a 'pledge' from him/her to make your daily journey safe?

If you have a photo of the hand-over of your demands, or obtaining a pledge, please upload it here.