Partner Updates from iRAP

Partner Updates from iRAP

Around the world, people are getting ready for the 6th UN Global Road Safety Week. Today we are featuring some of the amazing work done by iRAP and its partners to #Love30 and eliminate high-risk streets.

The charity, International Road Assessment Programme (iRAP), is working with its partners in over 100 countries to eliminate high-risk streets and #Love30 this UN Global Road Safety Week. They work with governments, road agencies, mobility clubs, development banks, research organisations and road safety NGOs to provide the knowledge, tools and training to make their road infrastructure safer – 3-star or better.

A paradigm shift in how streets are designed, starting with low speeds where people and traffic mix, makes streets safe, accessible, enjoyable and equitable for all road users, delivering multiple benefits for all whilst accelerating action across interlinking SDGs.

The iRAP global Star Rating standard and supporting KPIs, Risk Mapping, fatality and injury estimations, investment plans and innovative tools like ViDA, Star Rating for Designs, Star Rating for Schools and AiRAP are empowering partners to act worldwide.



As well as sharing the UNGRSW resources and actions with partners on its dedicated iRAP UNGRSW website, the charity’s recommends for:

  1. On-sharing of iRAP’s #Love30 videos produced in partnership with the Global Alliance of NGOs for Road Safety.
  2. Promotion of iRAP’s #Love30 key messages. 
  3. Download and use the FREE iRAP Star Ratings of NACTO-GDCI’s Global Street Design Guide resource to support the design of safe streets in your community. New language translations coming soon!
  4. Use and recommendation of the iRAP Demonstrator to explore the relationship between speed,  road design and safety.
  5. Improved safety of school journeys supported by the Star Rating for Schools Programme.
  6. (Calling all road designers!) Improved safety of road designs before construction using iRAP’s Star Rating for Designs tool.
  7. Informed advocacy using iRAP’s Vaccines for Roads. Explore the human and economic impact of road crashes, how safe your roads are and the Business Case for Safer Roads in your country.
  8. Exploration of the FREE Road Safety Toolkit to learn about the causes and prevention of road crashes.
  9. Improved knowledge of what makes roads safe with iRAP Training.




And that’s not all! Keep watch on iRAP’s UNGRSW webpage and social media channels for all the free resources, tools and training to #Love30 and eliminate high-risk streets – including some cool animations coming soon!

Low speed streets need to be a priority for all! Let’s work together for Streets for Life and a world free of high-risk roads.