aip kid borderDo you know a leader for road safety?

Request for stories: Do you know someone who has made a significant achievement for road safety in his or her country, institution or community? A parliamentarian who has been behind a new drink driving law, a mayor who has slowed down the streets of his or her city, a school headmaster who redesigned the road infrastructure around his or her school? We would like to hear your stories about road safety leaders from around the world!

These leaders may represent various types of institutions, such as national and local governments, parliaments, schools, police and NGOs or they can be people acting individually within their communities as parents, teachers, students, volunteers or concerned citizens. What all effective road safety leaders have in common is that they #SpeakUp for road safety and take action which leads to tangible results for road safety. Provided your story meets the criteria below, your story will be considered for featuring on the website of the Fifth UN Global Road Safety Week.

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1.   A nomination paragraph (max 300 words) about a road safety leader which answers the following questions:
- Name of the leader
- Affiliation of the leader
- Road safety achievement(s) of the leader
- Evidence of the road safety achievements(s) of the leader in the form of a link to a web site, press release, newspaper article, TV or radio broadcast, Tweet or other

2.   A high-quality photo
Of the road safety leader, ideally a photo which shows the person in action in his or her country, institution or community

3.   Your information
Your name, contact information, and web site of your organization (if relevant)

Disclaimer: Stories of road safety leaders which are posted on the web site of the Fifth UN Global Road Safety Week are not endorsed by WHO, but are highlighted as a service to our readers. In no event shall WHO be liable for any damages arising from the use of the information provided. WHO may use its discretion about listing stories of road safety leaders on the Week’s web site; should there be any doubt about the legitimacy or reliability of the story, the story will not be included.

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