Fourth United Nations Global Road Safety Week

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Why #SlowDown?

Why #SlowDown?



Slowing down is very safe

We all want to arrive safely at our destination. By slowing down we make our roads safer for our children, families and friends.


Small changes, big results

Research shows that a 5% cut in average speed can result in a 30% reduction in the number of fatal road traffic crashes.


Speed up the solutions

When the world commits to #SlowDown and implements evidence based solutions, road traffic crashes will fall and we will save lives.

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How to #SlowDown?

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Safe People

Speed management campaigns serve many functions. They not only help people learn about the dangers of speeding, but also about the penalties they may face if they break speed limit laws.

Signs, road markings and global positioning systems in vehicles help people know the appropriate speed limits set for any given road. Such campaigns offer practical reasons to #SlowDown.

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Safe Roads

Speed management must be a part of every road design and every review of existing roads. This can through the provision of all the safe design features needed to ensure safety at higher speeds or through the active management of vehicle speeds that account for the limitations of road design.

Setting and enforcing appropriate speed limits are also important. 30 km/h in pedestrian zones, 50 km/h at crossroad intersections and 70 km/h on undivided roads are just some examples of safer speeds that minimize the risk of fatality.

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Safe Vehicles

Not all cars are created equal and some are safer than others. How safe your car is can mean the difference between life or death in the event of a crash so make sure you choose a safe one.

Certain vehicle safety technologies can also help you manage your speed, such as intelligent speed assistance, and avoid a crash in the first place, like autonomous emergency braking. 

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Will you #SlowDown?

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Slowing down starts with you. Will you pledge to #SlowDown and save lives? United with you, we will urge our leaders to take immediate action to reach the Global Goals target

It is time we speed up the solutions to #SlowDown! 

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All of us who travel the world's roads were encouraged to plan and host events during the Fourth United Nations Global Road Safety Week, the action continues and you can still take part.  Will you join us to #SlowDown the roads and push for change? Start organizing an event with your family, friends and colleagues today!


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