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Have you have decided to speak up? That is great news! We would love to hear what you have to say! Everybody can be a leader for road safety and it starts with speaking up!

There are three easy steps to follow to #SpeakUp - the first step is to assess your journey; the second step to record your demands; and the third step to urge decision-makers to make a pledge to act on them.

We have put all the information you need in a handy Get Involved Toolkit to guide you through the three easy steps.


Download the Get Involved Toolkit

Step 1

Every day we travel the world’s roads. As pedestrian, cyclist, motorcyclist, driver or passenger, we all face specific risks during our journeys. What part of your journey makes you feel particularly unsafe? Why don't you speak up about it? Your voice matters.

The first step is to assess your daily journey and identify the real risks you encounter. We understand you might face multiple risks on your journey. We ask you to select the most important risk that needs addressing. You can also take photos or videos of your daily journeys, and share them with us on social media with #SpeakUp!

Risks include:

001 front car     It is unsafe to drive 002 pedestrian walking     It is unsafe to walk
003 bicycle rider     It is unsafe to cycle 004 vespa     It is unsafe to ride a motorcycle
005 speed meter     Drivers are speeding 006 cocktail glass     Drivers are driving drunk
007 seatbelt     Drivers/passengers not using their seat-belts 008 racing helmet     Motorcyclists not wearing helmets
009 baby     Children in cars not using child car seats 010 eye     I can't always see or be seen
011 protection shield with a check mark     Vehicles not equipped with safety features 012 emergency ambulance     In case of a crash, I would not be rescued
013 front of bus     It is unsafe to use public transport 003 danger sing     Other

Download the Get Involved Toolkit

Step 2

Once you have assessed your journey and selected your risk, we invite you to take note of your demands.

To make your journey safe, would you like cars to slow down on a particular street? Would you need a zebra crossing, dedicated cycle lane or seat-belts to be installed in the rear seat of your car? Speak up, and let us know. 

I demand:

001 speed limit     That you manage speed on my road 002 leader of a group with an empty speech bubble     That you take leadership in road safety
003 road with broken line     That you improve existing infrastructure 013 front of bus     That you improve public transportation
001 front car     That you improve the safety of vehicles 006 weight balance     That you improve and enforce traffic laws
007 ambulance     That you improve post-crash care  

These demands based largely on the 22 interventions identified by WHO SaveLIVES: a road safety technical package from which you can choose.

After you have stated your demands, start mobilizing and invite others to join you. Create a petition and collect signatures, set up a talking booth on your street or take #safies. Together we stand much stronger!

#SpeakUp - take a Speech Bubble #Safie!


Download a signboard cut it out and make a handle

  1. Write down your demand(s)

  2. Take a #Safie (at the location where you face the risk

  3. Share it on social media with #SpeakUp and #Safie


Signboards Pack Logo pack Social Media Pack


Pose, click and let everybody know that you are a road safety leader!

banners imageIn order to help people #SpeakUp for the 2019 Fifth UN Global Road Safety Week, print these interactive banners on a 100cm*220cm support and invite people to pose in front of them as different road users. People could pretend they are about to grab their bike for a ride; to enter their car to go to work or to cross the street on a zebra crossing.

To help people make their pictures unique, you can offer props such as a yellow vest, a bike helmet, a funny bike helmet, car keys, a STOP sign, an umbrella and more. Interacting with the banners and the Week’s messages should be fun and an experience worth sharing. After taking a picture of the road safety leader, invite him to share the photo widely on social media and to let everyone know that he is a leader who will #SpeakUp for #RoadSafety

Download the banners - ready to print


Set up a talking booth!

kids_smaller.jpgTogether you have more power than alone. Reach out to your community, convince them about the risk you have identified. Here are some ideas:

  • Set-up a booth as a talking point nearby the place you face the risk (of course where you are safe!). Inform the public about the risk, communicate your demand and get their support.

  • Start a petition in the neighborhood and collect signatures.

  • Ask people to take #safies and get proof of their support by a photo or/and a signature. 

Use our template to highlight your risks and demands and collect signatures to illustrate support for your demands.

Template petitions and signatures

Step 3

So you have assessed your journey and recorded your demands. That’s great! However, this will only matter if you bring these to the attention of the relevant decision-maker (those in a position to take decisions about making roads safe).

Together, solutions can be found to address the risks you face every day. 

Hand-over your photos, videos and petitions with as many signatures as possible to your decision-maker and ensure you obtain a 'pledge' from him/her to make your daily journey safe! Speak up, and get them to speak up too!


Download template pledge Download the get involved toolkit

ppt3UNGRSW Presentation

Download a PowerPoint presentation explaining the UN Global Road Safety Week and how to take part. This presentation can be used in a range of settings to inform people about the week and encourage people to get involved.


Download the UNGRSW PPT PDF Version


3 steps done? Register your risks and demands!

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