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Slowing down starts with you. Will you pledge to #SlowDown and save lives? United with you, we will urge our leaders to take immediate action to reach the Global Goals target.

It is time we speed up the solutions to #SlowDown!

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Download a signboard

Show your support and commitment to #SlowDown with a simple signboard and share your pictures on social media! Currently, you can download 2 signboards to print out and take a picture with. Download the signboards in English:

Logo Signboard Blank Signboard

Logo Signboard includes the Save Lives: #SlowDown logo to show your support for the campaign.

Blank Signboard for you to add your own message, why are you slowing down, who for?

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Download Translated Signboard Packs (Blank and Logo Signboards) & Download the #SlowDown logos:

AR CH FR PT RU ESP Logo Pack - All Languages


#SlowDown Day

Experience a safe and quiet street. You can make use of the campaign's messages, visuals and materials, and together we can create a symbolic "slow down" of streets in cities and towns all around the world. 

By working with your local authorities, you can reclaim and #SlowDown your streets so they are safer for all road users.

We have teamed up with the 20's Plenty Campaign to create a toolkit about how you can slow down the streets in your community.

#SlowDown Day Toolkit



Registered Events


All of us who travel the world's roads were encouraged to plan and host events during the Fourth United Nations Global Road Safety Week, the action continues and you can still take part.  Will you join us to #SlowDown the roads and push for change? Start organizing an event with your family, friends and colleagues today!


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